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The process of adapting software for use in another country or locale - is about more than just translation from one language into another. A complete localization solution addresses the usability and functionality requirements of the target market, as well as regulatory compliance and relevant cultural issues. Bonnytech is experienced in designing product/customer specific localization strategies, managing complex localization processes, and testing localized products to ensure that they meet performance standards of the target markets.
Bonnytech's localization services allow software vendors to better market their products around the world.
Bonnytech's software localization service includes:
Software products localization
User interface translation, resizing and testing
Localization engineering
Localized software compiling, building and testing, online help translation, compiling and testing
DBCS enabling
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In most localization projects, the double-byte character-based languages of Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese (CCJK) generally present more challenges because along with traditional language issues, there are usually a set of more complex engineering and testing issues associated with
these locales.
With production centers in Asia, Bonnytech uses a hub and spoke model to manage Asian localization projects. Under this model, all the project management, communication, engineering and DTP tasks are performed in our operation center in Beijing. Translation and linguistic QA tasks are handled by our linguist teams in targeted markets.
Adapting this model, a client can enjoy both the high quality of in-country linguistic work and the competitive cost structure of centralized processing.
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