Bonnytech is the premier software testing service provider to high tech clients worldwide. Our services include functionality testing, globaliz-ation testing, performance testing, stress/load testing, localization testing and test automation.
Bonnytech's high-quality, multilingual, cost effective services offer clients an ideal offshore solution to maximize the return on their IT investment.
Over the past 7 years, Bonnytech has been a long-term testing partner for Advantech, Orbotech and other Fortune 500 companies. Our client-vendor partnership model enables our testing team to become an integral part of the client's development process. This model allows our clients to achieve higher efficiency in their overall development process by avoiding rework. As a result, clients can significantly shorten time to market and cut development cost.
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Security Testing
Security is one of the pillars of software product quality, which must be addressed before release. Secure and quality software operates with the least privilege, has multiple layers of defense, and has the smallest possible attack surface.
Testers play an integral role in developing secure products and services, from participating in security pushes to devising appropriate testing techniques.
At Bonnytech, our professionals can help develop security test strategy, create security threat models, and conduct security pushes. Following items are generally covered to ensure a secure product:
Buffer Overrun
Risky Data
User Management
SSO & Cross-site
SQL Injection
DoS (Denial of Services)
Automation Development
Test automation is a powerful testing method that improves the efficiency of today's product teams, which are under pressure to deliver better products sooner without using more test resources.
Test automation can help decrease cycle time near the end of the product cycle and detect regression problems in the product quality. Automated test scripts are best used to perform repetitive, laborious tasks.
Bonnytech professionals have helped customers build automated test harness, create automation test scripts and extend legacy test framework. From build verification testing, GUI testing, to functionality testing, automation saves customer time and money.
At Bonnytech , our experts help analyze and implement customer needs in following principles:
Create automation test strategy: if you have never experienced automation before, we will investigate its possibility and feasibility.
Decide automation tool usage: leverage tools on the market or develop your own tools.
Create repeatable, deterministic, and robust test scripts.
Review test code and test scripts.
Check test results in log file and verify its validation.
File defects into defect management system.
Maintain and improve test code, test scripts and test harness.
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