Bonnytech is the premier software testing service provider to high tech clients worldwide. Our services include functionality testing, globaliz-ation testing, performance testing, stress/load testing, localization testing and test automation.
Bonnytech's high-quality, multilingual, cost effective services offer clients an ideal offshore solution to maximize the return on their IT investment.
Over the past 7 years, Bonnytech has been a long-term testing partner for Advantech, Orbotech and other Fortune 500 companies. Our client-vendor partnership model enables our testing team to become an integral part of the client's development process. This model allows our clients to achieve higher efficiency in their overall development process by avoiding rework. As a result, clients can significantly shorten time to market and cut development cost.
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Functionality Testing
Functionality testing is the process of verifying that the functions of a software product are working as designed. Functionality testing is the most important step in ensuring that your product is working as a user expects. This type of testing can be executed by manual testing or script-based automation testing.

Today releasing software applications continues to consume more and more resources for companies. A key element of the software release process is testing. Performing a complete functional test requires the right people, the right equipment and plenty of time.

Bonnytech can provide the scalable pool of qualified resources to make a project a successful. Our testing professionals are experienced in developing and executing test cases that ensure complete product coverage. Our deep engineering and test skills help clients achieve products releases on time and on budget with the quality expected by users.
  Internationalization/Globalization Testing
Internationalization (I18N) is the process of designing or adapting software products or content (including text and non-text elements) so that they can accommodate the language and cultural conventions of any market (locale) without modification to the core source code. Globalization testing focuses on ensuring that the product supports national conventions used in various locales and accommodates the input, storage, and transmission of textual data regardless of the language or encoding method.
Bonnytech 's globalization consultants can analyze your legacy code to determine its current level of internationalization. In addition, our testing professionalists can run manual testing or script-based testing to validatethe internationalization and localizability level of the product.
Bonnytech can help verify if your product is correctly functioning in these areas:
Encoding schemas, including Unicode and various other industry standards
Input Methods, especailly IMEs developed for Asian languages
Unicode/MBCS data, for instance, border characters, GB18030 4 bytes
Complex Scripts, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Indic, and Thai
Cultural adaption, such as date-time, address formats, numerical and currency conventions, etc.
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