We at Bonnytech are proud of our values. They are the driving force behind our rapid and sustainable growth.
Outstanding Teamwork
Respect for the Individual
Pride in our Work
Long-term Relationships
Commitment to Results
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Bonnytech is a leading provider of full-scale software testing, loc-alization and globalization services. Bonnytech offers English, Fre-nch, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean localization and globalization services.
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Bonnytech offer a unique combination of top quality, competitively priced services, which lead to a high level of customer satisfaction.
High quality services at affordable prices
Responsiveness and quick deliveries
Personalized service
Comprehensive localization and globalization, format-ting and graphic art services
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When you choose Bonnytech, you have access to all of the experience, knowledge of local cultures, and advanced tools needed to tackle the most complex, technical translation and localization projects. And, just as impor-tant, you'll be partnering with a dedicated, professional team that has your company's international growth strategy as its first priority.
Outstanding teamwork is the re-sult of our people embracing the companies' vision and taking re-sponsibility for the company as a whole. Bonnytech works to cre-ate an environment which encou-rages a high level of teamwork and is based on clarity of in-dividual roles and a constant
flow of communication and knowledge sharing across the entire organization.
Pride in whatever we do drives our pursuit of perfection. Be it a proposal, e-mail or status report to a customer, every task pre-sents itself as an opportunity to demonstrate our attention to detail and our commitment to quality. This pride energizes the Bon-nytech team to innovate and deliver value to our customers.
Bonnytech is driven by the desire to make a difference to custom-ers by delivering extraordinary value. Our environment fosters a winning attitude where leaders are accountable for delivering exemplary performance from their teams. The more successful we are as a company the better we can serve our customers.
At Bonnytech Co., Ltd., every in-dividual counts. The role and con-tribution of every Bonnytech em-ployee is acknowledged. Such a work philosophy means that in-dividuals need to be inspired and encouraged to produce great res-ults, rather than be managed and motivated.
Bonnytech invests in relationships with its clients, team members, and partners to create value for all stake-holders. Bonnytech commits to rela-tionships that are mutually beneficial and long-term. We do not compromise the interests of stakeholders for the sake of short-term gain.
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