When you choose Bonnytech, you have access to all of the experience, knowledge of local cultures, and advanced tools needed to tackle the most complex, technical translation and localization projects. And, just as important, you'll be partnering with a dedicated, professional team that has your company's international growth strategy as its first pri-ority.
To earn and keep your trust, Bonnytech will produce your complete, multilingual Web site or localized software product from user interface and online help to technical documentation. Specializing in Windows, Unix, Macintosh, and Web application software, we use a combination of cutting-edge translation tools and our own proprietary techniques
and programs.
However, technology is only part of the equation. We also pride our-selves in adding a valuable human touch. After all, your potential cus-tomers across the world are people who want to be spoken to in their own language and in a culturally sensitive way. Our network of over 100 linguistic professionals gives your audience what no machine can: accurate and understandable information that will move them.
Furthermore, our proprietary L10N Timer product will be used to evalu-ate your project at every stage. This thorough examination is performed by your Bonnytech project manager; a dedicated professional who uses a wide array of technical tools and software in our state-of-the-art com-puter labs. As you can see, we're very serious when we say that we want to earn your trust!
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Bonnytech is a leading provider of full-scale software testing, loc-alization and globalization services. Bonnytech offers English, Fre-nch, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean localization and globalization services.
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Bonnytech offer a unique combination of top quality, competitively priced services, which lead to a high level of customer satisfaction.
High quality services at affordable prices
Responsiveness and quick deliveries
Personalized service
Comprehensive localization and globalization, format-ting and graphic art services
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We at Bonnytech are proud of our values. They are the driving force behind our rapid and sustainable growth.
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