Bonnytech offer a unique combination of top quality, competitively priced services, which lead to a high level of customer satisfaction.
High quality services at affordable prices
Responsiveness and quick deliveries
Personalized service
Comprehensive localization and globalization, formatting and graphic art services
We have successfully helped many international companies to localize their software, documentation, product manuals, brochures and other marketing materials into about 10 languages. We also work as the in-country vendor for many foreign multi-language localization companies to handle all kinds of localization and globalization projects. Our profes-sional service has helped them to expand their business into China, USA, Europe and other countries. Our principle in the cooperation is to establish a win-win relationship with our clients.
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Bonnytech is a leading provider of full-scale software testing, loc-alization and globalization services. Bonnytech offers English, Fre-nch, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean localization and globalization services.
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When you choose Bonnytech, you have access to all of the experience, knowledge of local cultures, and advanced tools needed to tackle the most complex, technical translation and localization projects. And, just as impor-tant, you'll be partnering with a dedicated, professional team that has your company's international growth strategy as its first priority.
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We at Bonnytech are proud of our values. They are the driving force behind our rapid and sustainable growth.
As a customer-driven company, we know that you expect the be-st and we strive to exceed your expectations. Our services are tailored to address your needs and provide you with the best solutions. You expect to work with responsive and competent vendors, and we stand to the challenge by addressing your needs and concerns promptly.
As a professional company, we depend on our highly-skilled soft-ware engineers, translators, edit-ors, and project managers. They have outstanding educational backgrounds and are selected based on their experience, pro-ficiency and credentials. They are amongst the best in the in-dustry and are selected based
on their experience, language proficiency, and professional credentials. Many of our transl-ators have degrees in translation and/or degrees in fields such as IT, Automation, Automobile and law.
Bonnytech have a team of world-class professional software eng-ineers, translators, editors, pro-ofreaders, graphic artists and typesetters. We can make sure all projects meet the highest lan-guage translation standards. Our team members have been care-fully selected for their experien-ce, education, dedication to qua-lity, and professional standards.
Quality is a major benchmark in our services which we achieve through careful, competent work, as well and proven, time-tested quality control procedures. We follow proven pro-cedures and clearly defined quality parameters with each project. Style handbooks and terminology gloss-aries are developed for large pro-jects to ensure stylistic and termi-nology consistency. In some cases, we use state-of-the-art software for terminology management and work-flow, which positively impacts qua-lity. After delivering the finished pro-duct, we monitor our customers¡¯ satisfaction and imple-ment changes to improve the process.
Our goal is to provide fair and rea-sonable prices to meet a wide range of budgets. Our services can reduce costs for our customers by using a variety of techniques and high tech tools, such as translation memory software or our own dedicated tools.
Bonnytech is 100% committed to offer professional testing and transl-ation services. We received an Exce-llence in Localization Award from our clients, and works with many blue chip clients such as Sony, Nokia, Mo-torola, Xerox, Orbotech, Advantech and Kidde, etc.
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