Bonnytech is a leading provider of full-scale software testing, localiza-tion and globalization services. Bonnytech offers English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean localization and globalization services.
Based in Beijing China, we have been making efforts to help globalmind-ed companies to bring their products and services into China and other countries by providing high quality services.
Bonnytech staffed by nearly 200 professionals experienced employees worldwide. These employees have many years of experiences in the fields of software testing, localization, globalization and desktop publish-ing.
Bonnytech has successfully served many Fortune 500 companies in the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions. We have established a succes-sful track record of handling large test and localization/globalization proj-ects, maintaining high standards in execution, coverage, quality, and confidentiality.
Bonnytech provide language localization services to many industries and fields, including:
Computer and software
Internet and websites
Law firms
Marketing and advertising
Media and publishing
Science and technology
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Bonnytech offer a unique combination of top quality, competitively priced services, which lead to a high level of customer satisfaction.
High quality services at affordable prices
Responsiveness and quick deliveries
Personalized service
Comprehensive localization and globalization, format-ting and graphic art services
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When you choose Bonnytech, you have access to all of the exper-ience, knowledge of local cultures, and advanced tools needed to tackle the most complex, technical translation and localization proj-ects. And, just as important, you'll be partnering with a dedicated, professional team that has your company's international growth strategy as its first priority.
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We at Bonnytech are proud of our values. They are the driving force behind our rapid and sustainable growth.
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